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5 Signs You Should See Your Mililani Emergency Dentist ASAP

May 22, 2023 5:22 pm | Published by

If you have a problem with your teeth or gums, when should you see an emergency dentist? Here are five signs you should visit us as soon as possible:

1. Gum Swelling or Bleeding

If you notice your gums are irritated and swollen, you could be dealing with gum disease. This is rarely a same-day emergency, but if the swelling is severe enough to affect your breathing, chewing, or smiling, you should see a dentist as soon as possible. Having swelling in one area or bleeding gums is also an emergency.

2. Sudden Tooth Sensitivity

Is a specific area of your mouth suddenly more sensitive? Sensitivity often feels like a quick, sharp zap of pain. Hot and cold temperatures, as well as sweet and sour foods, can aggravate sensitivity. If the sensitivity comes on suddenly, you could have a broken tooth. Even small fractures expose the inside of your tooth, which makes it vulnerable to bacteria and infection. As breaks worsen over time, it is important to get the tooth fixed as soon as possible.

3. Severe Tooth Pain

Many dental emergencies (like tooth infections) lead to intense pain. You may feel a sudden throbbing pain that gets worse with time and spreads to your ears, jaw, or neck. Please see an emergency dentist as soon as possible! Tooth infections are not only extremely painful; they can spread and cause life-threatening complications.

4. A Foul Taste or Odor in Your Mouth

If you’re tasting something salty, sour, or metallic in your mouth, you could have an abscess. Abscesses are pockets of pus caused by bacterial infections. You can taste (and smell) the pus as it drains. Abscesses often cause toothaches, but if you notice a foul taste or odor in your mouth, contact a dentist quickly even if you aren’t feeling pain.

5. Loose or Knocked-Out Adult Teeth

Adult teeth should never be loose, so if you notice a tooth that’s wiggling around, get to a dentist quickly. It could be gum disease, which is the number one cause of adult tooth loss. A knocked-out tooth is also clearly an emergency. Go to the emergency dentist, not the emergency room! When treated quickly, knocked-out teeth can be saved. Stop any bleeding with gauze and try to hold the tooth in its socket. If that’s not possible, put the tooth in milk and bring it with you to the dentist.

Dental Emergencies at Mauka Family Dental in Mililani, HI

Dental emergencies are scary, but your Miliani emergency dentist is here to help! If you experience swelling, sensitivity, pain, or bleeding, call us immediately and describe your symptoms. Dr. Kim and Dr. Wee have years of experience providing gentle, high-quality care. Contact us today for more information or to schedule an appointment!

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